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"Regulation 5 of the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) . . . . .."

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Regulation 5 of the Health and Safety Regulations 1992 states, that where a "designated user" experiences visual difficulties which may be reasonably be considered to be caused by work on display screen equipment, their employer shall ensure that they are provided at their request with an appropriate eye and eyesight test.


"WellWork Occupational Health professionals can also screen for colour vision . . . . "

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WellWork Occuptional Health professionals can also screen for colour vision accuracy by using the Ishihara plates and the City University tests. This testing can be included on the battery of health surveillance tests by the WellWork Occupational Health nurse of technician when required. Wellwork are happy to advise employers on this.


"As with health surveillance programmes employees are selected for vision . . . . .."

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As with any Health Surveillance programmes employees are selected for vision screening through the health and safety departments rosk assessment programme. Display Screen Equipment users in acordance with the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 should have regular vision testing. Most people now use computers of VDU screens as part of their daily work activity.

Other occupations where good vision is required include:

* Van drivers and delivery workers
* Fork lift truck drivers and crane drivers
* Company car drivers - those staff who drive on company business regularly * Occupations where 'normal' colour vision is desirable or essential e.g Telephone engineers, radiographers * Safety crucial workers
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"Vision testing Frequently Asked Questions . . .


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I have glasses but do not need them at work, shall I bring them to the medical?

If you have a pair of glasses or contact lenses for whatever reason, please bring them to the health surveillance medical with you.

What standard of vision do I have to have to pass the test?

Some vision standards are set nationally and if that is the case we work to that standard e.g DVLA - drivers medicals; the standard of vision required by the police is different to that required by a train driver. Not all jobs have vision standards set. What matters is that the individual has sufficient vision to do the job safely and effectively, without danger to themselves or others.

Why is vision testing included in some corporate lifestyle and wellbeing programmes?

Vision testing is often included in general health checks in Lifestyle and Executive health medicals. It's purpose is as a general indicator of good health.

Does vision testing always have to take place at a WellWork Occupational Health clinic can it take place at our workplace?

WellWork Occupational Health professionals work throughout the UK on our customers premises and bring the calibrated equipment with them. So yes we can do work place screening. For some specific medicals where we require certain distances and lighting levels and these are not available at the customers site, then we ask the employees to come to the nearest WellWork clinic.
"Vision testing is one component that makes up the battery of tests in workplace . . . ."

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Vision testing is one component that makes up the battery of tests in workplace health surveillance programmes, it is also used in some pre-placement medicals (pre-employment medicals). Basic screening takes approx. 10 minutes, and is included as part of a workstation assessment. For this WellWork Occupational Health nurses and technicians use a snellen-chart - the medical includes:

* An assessment of distance, middle and near vision as appropriate
* Referral to an optician when appropriate

More detailed vision testing involving use of Keystone or Titmus machines, Ishihara plates or City University charts is a constituent part of many Occupational Health medical assessments. e.g fire fighters, offshore workers, electricians, LGV drivers, plant operators, ENG1 medicals, rail industry and emergency service medicals.

As with all health surveillance the WellWork Occupational Health nurse will issue the individual with a fitness to work certificate where appropriate.